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The trio “SpiegelBild,” with its extraordinary lineup featuring saxophone, accordion, and piano, dares to take a refreshing look at classical music, presenting famous works in surprisingly new sonic colors. At the keys are two young graduates of the renowned Moscow Gnesin Music Academy: Konstantin Zvyagin and Vadim Baev. Shortly after their graduation in 2014, they, known as the “Gnesins Duo,” began to make their mark in classical music with this previously unheard instrumental combination.

The enthusiastic response from audiences and their encounter with the talented saxophonist Xavier Larsson inspired them to found the trio “SpiegelBild,” which impressively reinterprets well-known works, giving them new artistic significance. In addition to searching for original pieces for this unusual ensemble, the trio “SpiegelBild” continuously works on reinterpreting classical works and composing pieces by contemporary artists.

The trio “SpiegelBild” leads a very active concert life, performing in numerous cities in Germany and abroad. Their creative collaboration with young composers, along with their work on new transcriptions and arrangements, enables the trio to develop a diverse repertoire for this exciting sonic experience.

Throughout the year 2023, the trio “SpiegelBild” intensely worked on producing a new CD. The CD is expected to be released towards the end of 2023. The planned program for your event will include works from this exciting new CD, capturing our artistic journey and musical diversity.

Spiegel Trio (c) Anna Tena-3_edited_edit
Spiegel Trio (c) Anna Tena-3_edited_edit
Spiegel Trio (c) Anna Tena-3_edited.jpg
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