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The “SpiegelBild” Trio takes a fresh look at classical music by presenting well-known works with surprising new colours due to its unusual combination of instruments - saxophone, accordion and piano.
In addition to their search for original pieces written for this specific ensemble, the “SpiegelBild” Trio also works on the transcription of classical and contemporary compositions.
Konstantin Zvyagin and Vadim Baev, two young graduates of the famous Gnesins Music Academy in Moscow, respectively play the piano and accordion.
Shortly after their graduation in 2014, the two keyboard players moved to Germany and formed the “Gnesins-Duo”. Their goal was to confer a new sound to classical works through previously unheard instrumentations. The warm response of the public as well as their collaboration with the talented saxophonist Xavier Larsson inspired them to found the “SpiegelBild” Trio and further their reinterpretation of world-renowned pieces. Their musical program includes their own arrangements of the following works, amongst others:

- Pictures at an Exhibition from the brilliant Russian composer (19th century) Modest Mussorgsky, 
- “Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit” from Darius Milhaud (end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century, France)
- The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires from Astor Piazzolla (Argentina)
- and a selection of pieces from the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.

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